Review Policy

Me and my blog:

Currently my blog posts are consisted of books reviews of books I already own and have purchased. I started this blog a while back, and recently revamped and kick started it back to life, along with my current Bookstagram, with over 1300 followers. I post regularly, at least once per week, general 3-4 times per week. I do this simply because I love reading, and I love being a part of the book world.

Preferred genres:

Young Adult, Science Fiction and Fantasy, Dystopian, Contemporary, Paranormal, Romance.

Types of books I read:

I will read all books, whether they have been released or are ARCs. I prefer hard copy books as I don’t enjoy reading for long periods off screens, but will accept kindle version of books on occasion.

My reviews:

In my reviews I include the title of the book, author, release date, relevant books to read alongside. I will always post an honest review, even if it wasn’t to my taste, however in saying that I will always add the positives in with the negatives. I give a star rating from 1-5 for every novel reviewed. I tend to post non-spoiler reviews, and if I want to talk in more detail, I add a separate page with spoilers so those who have read it can discuss it in greater detail with me. I publish my book reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Contact me:

If you would like me to review or promote your book, I will be more than happy to, and you can contact me via email on

Many thanks!