Half-Blood – A Book Review

The Covenant Series – Half-Blood

– Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout 

– Publication date: October 18, 2011

– Tags: YA, Romance, Paranormal 

HALF-BLOOD: So I delved into this book after having read Armentrout’s other popular series called Lux (Reviews to come), and I went in head first hoping for the same beautiful character and world building and witty repertoire that I had come to adore about the way she writes…. and I was not disappointed.

Okay, I won’t lie, at first I was a little bit surprised at that startling similarities that I found between this book and the first Vampire Academy novel. So many of the aspects seemed to be a direct rip off from Richelle Meeds wonderful creation. So much so that I felt like I was wading through mud for the first 5 or so chapters because I felt so sickeningly disappointed.

Then, it got good. Like insanely, lose sleep, laugh and cry hysterically out loud so that everyone in the vicinity looks at you funny, good. As the story goes on and you begin reading the sequels, you see a whole world come alive, with great plotlines that have nothing in common with vampire academy (WHEW). Half-Blood was a great read that I felt could have used a little bit more world building considering it was such a massive world of gods, demi-gods and so on. But other than that, the rest of the book stunned me.

This world Armentrount describes has the descendants of gods who are the ‘pures’ and the mix of gods and humans ‘halfs’, and that the halfs are the minority of the race seeing as they have no powers and are the mix of the weakest race on the planet – humans. The pures basically have all the say politcally (and in high school), and the half bloods have two choices in life – to become a trained sentinel to fight off the aether loving daimons or to become mind numbed servants for the pures. And like all good stories with a romantic side plot, theres one main rule: Halfs and pures are forbidden to have relations (and for a very damn good reason).

So Alex, a kick-ass, feisty, snarky girl with a silver tongue is a half blood, and the story follows her through an insane and amazing journey on how her life is altered so dramatically about a number of things. Its both heart breaking and heart warming all in one blubbering package. Oh and Aiden, the pure shes forbidden to be with? Holy Daimon babys, he can be my sentinel any day!

I wont say much more about what happens, because it’s such a good read that I’d hate to spoil it, but I would recommend+++ to anyone who has a love for amazing plotlines and swoon-worthy romance stories. It’s for sure become a series I will read over and over and never get sick of. Oh and always refreshing in a book these days — is a male best friend to a lead female who actually share a platonic friendship with no romantic desires what-so-ever. What?! you say? I know, right? See? Read it.




4.5 / 5 stars – it was a super great read, dynamic and witty. Would I recommend this book to others? You know it!!

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